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An immersive experience for two at the stadium

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Get to know each other again. Your partner. Yourself.

This experience is for two.

Two close people who decided to understand each other better. A performance that gathers the intimate experiences of different couples and the creators' personal reflections. 

60 minutes of emotions and sensations, thoughts and observations, human stories, and a full life in a moment. Alone. With yourself and with your soul mate. Is there a relationship that becomes just a habit, dissolving into routine? Is there love that knows no barriers and can be reborn even after a betrayal?

How do you perceive your relationships? And how others perceive theirs?

You, your partner and your feelings

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Ticket purchase and refund conditions

A full ticket refund is possible no later than 5 days prior to the performance.

If you would like to return a ticket 3 days before the performance, we will provide you with a 50% refund.

If cancellation happens in less than 3 days prior to the performance refund is not possible.


Important note: refunds are subject to a 5% commission from the ticket operator.

Location: Pražačka Football

Nad Ohradou 2825, 130 00 Praha 3-Žižkov, Czech Republic

Performance duration: 60 minutesAge: 18+

Language: Ukrainian, English

Number of participants: 2 . Him and Her. Him and Him. Her and Her


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Uzahvati creates an emotional space and everyone chooses the way they want to act and get in contact with themselves and the world. Are you with us? Put on your headphones, let's get started.

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Gift emotions to your friend

An Uzahvati gift voucher is an opportunity to offer a friend, a loved one, a colleague or yourself a break from the fast pace of life. A break that will be full of feelings, meaning and creativity.

This is a new theater experience. You'll take part in an unusual immersive  performance in which your emotions take the leading role. You'll be together, but each of you will experience this moment individually.


Meeting point: Pražačka Football.


Please make sure that you’ll be there on time. If you arrive more than 20 minutes late, we won't be able to show you the performance.

About the performance

How to listen?

  • We do not recommend consuming alcohol or any other psychoactive substances before the performance.

  • In order for you to get fully immersed we will collect your phones. This will help you to not get distracted. We promise to return it to you afterwards.

  • Get rid of unnecessary baggage: you won't need bags and backpacks. 

  • We'll provide you with everything needed at the start and pick it up at the finish line.

  • How to get there: Pražačka Football

  • We will meet you at the venue and provide you with headphones and all information needed. You will disperse in different directions and start the journey on your own.

  • The voice in the headphones will tell you everything. The changes of rhythm and tempo, the direction of movement, and exercises. Listen and you will hear. For your couple to have STEREO, it's important that MONO is formed first.

  • For a comfortable performance, put on some trainers and dress comfortably, as if you were going for a long walk in the city.

  • Spend this time only as a couple: children, pets, electric and two-wheeled vehicles interfere with your feelings and are forbidden during the performance. If there are people you don't know in the stadium, don't pay attention to them, they're just spectators on the side.

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